Raised to be honest and accommodating, I find myself contemplating selling up and moving on, my years in Monrovia a regrettable period of naivete that I hope I will not repeat. I didn’t have an opinion about governments until I lived in Monrovia. I’d never been cited, felt harassed, or been appalled by a city government. I had never looked up salaries, either.

The most recent data on TransparentCalifornia.com show that Monrovia, population 29,000, had 111 individuals working as police, firefighters, or paramedics in 2013. The average annual compensation for these heroes was $146,000. Among the 59 who work for the police department, only 11 make less than six figures, of which 9 are women. 11 made more than $200,000. All 11 are men.

A cop doesn’t have to have any schooling past grade 12, and can score in the 50th percentile on a standard California cop test that includes  MULTIPULL CHOISE SPELLING QUESTINES. For that they’ll be compensated $71,000/year, which includes $1200/month in cash if they eschew the canteen lunches.