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December 2015

Do they think we’re ‘toopid? No you can’t give millions in value to your friends, AGAIN!

This is getting crazy. This is not how real cities make great things happen. City Clowncil is buggering up the restoring and repurposing of the old Monrovia train station. For some reason they're essentially giving away the land and giving 1.5 million dollars for the restoration.... Continue Reading →


It’s not the Onion. It’s Mary Ann Lutz’s campaign ad.

Right. Except someone posted on Facebook ...that she taped it, and Lutz did try to give the foothills to the feds. This ad was pretty bad, but the campaign video...ouch ouch ouch. Some drunk. Some  not right in the head. Some... Continue Reading →

Anonymous Monrovia commenter is no George Eliot, but made some serious allegations

Who can tell Monrealist a little more about this rumored Cabo house? What year do the rumors say it was built?  Did rumor have it that Hopper paid nothing, not a peso? And what year did Bowden's daughter work in the office?... Continue Reading →

This is how you beat back crooked city governance

Is Monrovia too small and too vicious to allow for this kind of activism? After all, some basket-case on the other side might say something mean about you on Facebook if you show this kind of passion.

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